Super Stocking Stuffers 3 Pack
Super Stocking Stuffers 3 Pack
Super Stocking Stuffers 3 Pack
Super Stocking Stuffers 3 Pack

Super Stocking Stuffers 3 Pack

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Style: 3 OG (caffeine free) 4 oz
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This exclusive bundle will make sure your stocking stuffing with PURPOSE.

Make this holiday season memorable by filling stockings with gifts that contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle. These jars are a compact and thoughtful addition to any stocking, offering the promise of improved energy levels, mental focus, and overall wellness.

You can choose this 3 pack to be comprised of any of our best sellers: (if you're looking to mix and match, check out the wellness sip and stack sets!)

SuperCube OG: With no caffeine added, this cacao based coffee ADDITIVE is the perfect way to upgrade any coffee lovers coffee. Simply add a tablespoon and use creamer/milk as normal and you're gifting higher immunity, cancer fighting antioxidants, mental clarity, anxiety reduction and SO much more. 

SuperCube Chai: With the same health benefits of the OG, this chai is a caffeinated tea option your loved one just has to add to milk of their choosing or hot water. 


BombBalm: Most commonly referred to as a pain eraser, this balm blows icy hot and doterra deep blue OUT of the water. This is designed not only to help reduce pain in the moment but help reduce pain over time (all without the obnoxious smells and tingles).

BestTea: Calm your gut, to support your digestion, bring balance to your or a loved ones system, to nourish, to further your health, calm your stress response, and start the simple ritual of 'Turning Tea Into Your Best Tea'?

Super Stocking Stuffers 3 Pack

Super Stocking Stuffers 3 Pack

Regular price $50.28 USD
Regular price Sale price $50.28 USD

Synergy of SuperCube

what are stacks?

In traditional Chinese medicine, we believe that organs work together in teams. These teams are called "stacks." Each stack has a leader, like the Heart or the Liver, and they all have their own unique powers and abilities.

The organs in each stack need to work together to keep you healthy. When they're all working in harmony, your body feels awesome!

But sometimes, things can get a bit out of whack. Maybe one organ isn't doing its job properly, or there's too much stress on the team (welcome to modern day life 🤪 our teams are almost always over stressed).

That's where SuperCube steps in to help balance things out. We use organic locally farmed herbs and ingredients to give each organ the support it needs to get back to doing its job properly.

Find out how the stacks behind SuperCube are supporting your systems ➡️


What is SuperCube, and how does it work?

SuperCube is a way to nourish your body. In our modern day diets, we miss a lot of important nutrients we need because they don't taste good or the preparation process would take so long to fit them all in. SuperCube combines the most essential ingredients for your cycle so that your body is nourished the way it's meant to be.

What are the benefits of taking SuperCube?

There are SO many benefits to taking SuperCube! Some of the most commonly reported are:
✅ easier, more regulated periods
✅ less bloating
✅ brain fog + 3 PM crash are gone
✅ lessened sugar cravings

see information here for more benefits + reviews!

How do I incorporate SuperCube into my daily routine?

SuperCube can be added to coffee, tea, bread, and smoothies! We have some of our favorite recipes you can use here.

Are there any side effects or contraindications with SuperCube?

No there is not! Because this is all natural and super gentle formulation, there are no side effects or contraindications with SuperCube.

What is the difference between SuperCube and other similar products on the market?

SuperCube is truly one of its own. On the home page we go into more detail on the comparisons between other "mushroom coffee replacements" but we are truly the first of our kind.