Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Blood Sugar

Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Blood Sugar

There is lots of talk out there about blood sugar these days.. and we are grateful as it is SO important for you to be aware of!  

But, why is It is SO important?  Well.. check this. A recent human perspective study showed that 88% of the population is metabolically "unfit" 😳  Holy cow that is a large percentage! 😮

What are disorders or diseases related to "metabolic" imbalance? Those in which your organs, glands, and tissues are not functioning in a way that stabilizes your blood sugar or supports the process.

Disorders such as diabetes, IBS, hypothyroidism, and Crohn's disease to name a few. Let's get you in the loop, so you be mindful of your blood sugar.

Here are 3 REASONS to start thinking about it 💭

✨ INFLAMMATION loves blood sugar spikes and drops! 😬

When you have excess sugar in your bloodstream aka “high blood sugar”, it is the perfect breeding ground for inflammation.

Excess inflammation damages your tissues and organs. Inflammation in your tissues can lead to symptoms such as pain, weakness, soreness, stiffness, and lack of mobility..and can lead to bigger problems like diseases rooted in autoimmunity.

Inflammation in your organs disrupts their optimal function which can lead to other diseases that are harder to manage like heart disease and the C-word.

You have more consistent energy when your blood sugar is steady.

When your blood sugar drops you feel an energy drop.. plain and simple.

The best way to enjoy more quality and consistent energy is to pay attention to how you feel 20min and one hour after you eat. If you are crashing, it's time to examine what you are eating.

Your hormones are highly dependent on your ability to maintain steady blood sugar. This is why you crave a bottle of wine and chocolate before your period... if your blood sugar is off and causing a ruckus in your hormone function your brain will tell you to get those sugary "feel-good" foods in... when really it is a temporary fix leaving your body in a state of erratic blood sugar regulation.

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