At Lala's Wellness, we take great care in ensuring the quality and integrity of our products and services. Regrettably, once orders have been sent from our Portland, OR center, we are unable to accommodate returns or issue refunds. This policy aligns with the stringent FDA regulations governing the interstate shipment of goods intended for human consumption in e-commerce transactions. Your comprehension of this policy is deeply valued.

PRODUCT DAMAGE - If your product from Lala's Wellness was damaged during shipping, you must email us a photo of the damaged or broken product, inside the shipping box in which it was shipped.  This photo is required to receive a full refund. Once we receive your photo of the damaged or broken product, we will ship a replacement unit to you immediately.  We will replace the clearly damaged items, however, not all items in the order will be replaced. 

To begin the process, please email contact and include: 1. Your order number, 2. Your photo of the damaged product, and 3. An explanation of the damage.   We will then ship the replacement product to you.  We will work to get back to you within 24 hours of your email being received.

SHIPPING CHANGING PRODUCT - In the summer months, the product can warm up during shipping and the jar may arrive slightly melted.  Rest assured your SuperCube is perfectly fine.  Just give it a stir, put it in the fridge to re-solidify and its golden. Think of it like a jar of peanut butter, sometimes it needs a stir! 

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to these procedures.

Warm regards,

Lala's Wellness