We crafted our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and their answers, based on the most commonly asked questions amongst our customers and then backed them with references from scientific studies and published findings. You can easily learn about the various materials and ingredients utilized in our product development processes, about their purpose and impact. 


Made with the organic following ingredients, SuperCube is a formulation with no equal in the market:

Organic Coconut Cream, Organic Collagen, Organic Heirloom Cacao, Organic MCT Oil C8 & C10, Organic Ghee, Organic Eleuthero Root (Ci wu jia), Organic Cordyceps (Dong chong xia cao), Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Reishi (Ling zhi), Organic Turkey Tail (Yun zhi), Organic Schizandra Berry Powder (Wu wei zi), Organic Cardamom Powder (Sha ren), Organic Himalayan Pink Salt.



SuperCube is the worlds first coffee encahncing supplement! It far surpasses the effectiveness, quality, formulation and intention of those powdered blends out there pretending to be coffee. It is one of a kind and contains EVERYTHING you need for better focus, energy, less stress and MORE!

A coffee enhancing supplemmet is a “stack” of medicinals used to enchance everything that is amazing about coffee/caffeine and reduce any unwanted side effects of caffeine, and provide long term healing and optimal health benefits.
The medicinal stack of SuperCube contains superfoods, functional mushrooms, nootropics, Chinese herbs, essential fats, collagen peptides, MCT oil.

Use with caffeine or alone daily long term provides deep healing of the nervous, endocrine, immune and hormone systems of the body.


It is delicious!

Flavor - Creamy and nutritious, SuperCube was formulated to complement the delicious yet slightly bitter and acrid flavor of coffee, as well as elevate the other flavors of rich chocolate and sweetness that high quality coffee beans boast. Most caffeinated beverages are bitter and acrid, so you can add it to any of them and it will compliment it well.
It is extremely balanced flavor with cacao and cardamom forward notes. There are mild earthy undertones, along with a hint of salt, and rounded out with a touch of berry flavor. Our formulator, Lara Dilkes L.Ac MSAOM FNLP was mindful to ensure that each and every flavor and nature of herbal medicinals is included to ensure that each organ, tissue, gland and fluid is its activated and nourished with one cup of SuperCube.

Consistency - It is a decadent moose like consistency that easily melts in your caffeinated beverage. Along with a little frothing and boom! You have a consistency that is quite like a cloud collided with a cup of oatmilk and created a fluffy latte baby. Every sip seems decadent, nourishing and fulfilling. Leaving you feeling satisfied and content with one cup!



Clear calm focused sustained energy. A SuperCube induced state of creative euphoria and energetic bliss. Side effects may include feeling clear, calm, focused and deeply energized.
As one of our dedicated Cubers says “I feel like the best version of myself”.
Our formulator is a licensed acupuncturist and functional nutritionist.. She has been inducing the parasympathetic state of rest, restore, rejuvenate, detox in her clinic for over 16 years with acupuncture treatments. She has called this state of being “AcuLand” for many years. When she was solving her chronic migraine problem she realized that the

AcuLand state of being can also be achieved by drinking SuperCube. One scoop and boom! You are in the blissful energetic state of SuperCube.

You can expect to feel all the amazing benefits that come with injesting caffeine/coffee like-> enhanced cognitive focus, more creative flow, energy increase and a wake you up feeling. You can expect that all the things that suck about coffee dissapear - like the coffee crash, digestive upsets, headache, caffeine sweats and jitters and muscle tension.



Yes! Many!
This is exactly why SuperCube is the superior choice! It is different than any other “caffeine substitute or enhancing” product because itt is specifically formulated for you to feel calm, clear sustained energy in one cup, AND provide healing and optimal health with long term use.
Our formula was designed to support of your organ systems. Specifically those systems that play a rolle in our experience of stress. Your endocrine, nervous and immune systems.
With long term use you can experience less of or a total elimination of the following: inflammation, migraines, bloating, acid reflux, acne, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, painful periods, unstable blood sugar, colds and flu’s, body pain, achy joints, irritability, autoimmune symptoms, weight gain, food cravings and much more!



SuperCube was very carefully and intentionally crafted by Lara Dilkes L.Ac, MSAOM FNLP. She was suffering from migraines that are like mini-strokes (hemapleigic migraines). She tried everything to make the migraines stop. Her recipe for success primarily involved cutting out coffee. She also had to balance her blood sugar, make sure she was not working out too hard before her period, and also cut out some specific foods. However, coffee was the kicker for sure. It was so disappointing! Alas.. this is how great ideas are born!

She was determined to find a formula of ingredients that made her feel like coffee did with out the migraines. After 10 years of mixing various herbs, tea’s, medicinals, fats, proteins etc into her vitamix, she realized that there was a method to her madness! The formula worked smashingly to keep her migraines away. She also rarely gets sick, has much smoother periods, her energy levels are stellar for a single Mom with two businesses in the wellness industry, her nervous system responds with ease instead of reacting like a crazy person, she intermittent fasts with the support of SuperCube, and she is battling the perimenopause brain fog like a rock star. There is definitely some magic in the stack of medicinals she has created!



Yes! Supercube is rooted in science! It is not just a lifestyle product. It is a supplement meant for long term use for dep optimal healing. Physiology and pathology are the primary “science” behind the foundation of SuperCube. Also, the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the science of Functional Nutrition play a huge roll in the formulation of SuperCube.

While SuperCube itself has not been double blind placebo tested, all of its ingredients have!



Ditch the dust! SuperCube is a coffee enhancing supplement.
Other functional mushroom blends are typically coffee “substitutes”. Which most people end up adding it to their coffee since they don’t work like coffee does. And they end up doctoring it up by adding collagen, MCT oil or whatever they heard is good for them. With SuperCube you don’t have to do any of that. We want you to keep your ritual and make it heathy with one cup and actually improve your health with long term use.

Other brands are usually just a blend of powdered mushrooms with one extra ingredient for marketing and flavor. They are not bad by any means as functional mushrooms are very beneficial. However, they are not addressing the whole picture of how your body functions during stress. And you are missing out on all the benefits of coffee as well!

Our quality is far superior in comparison to the other brands.
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Our functional mushrooms are grown on wood as they would be in nature. Not grain or other substrates. The majority of commercial producers grow mycelium on grains like rice, oats, or sorghum. Therefore, all that grain becomes inseparable from the mycelium and remains in the final product, leading to high amounts of starch. This reduces the amount of beneficial compounds drastically.
Our mushrooms are highly concentrated (4:1 and 8:1) so you get more benefit from every scoop and long term use and it tastes better! They are made of 100% of the fruiting body which is were the active healing ingredients are found. And we can guarantee the amount of mg’s of mushrooms and beta glucans in each scoop! They are water extracted or dual when necessary to maintain the integrity of the polysaccharides.
Sometimes people think that you have to “dual extract” all mushrooms with not on ly water but also alcohol. They think this will produce a full “sectrum” extract. When in fact, some are purposefully extracted with only water. This ensures the polysaccharides that damaged during the alcohol extraction for some muchrooms, stay intact.
Read more here about how to choose mushroom supplements.
Our herbs, superfoods and nootropics are organic, non GMO, and locally sourced.
We support local women owned farmers and companies in Oregon first and foremost.


We make every effort to keep our packaging 100% sustainable. We are researching ways to eliminate the bubble wrap for our containers during shipping. We use high quality glass jars for our product and it can easily become damaged in shipping. We support and love our planet and are making choices daily to support it within the means of a start up company.


No, there is zero added sugar.


SuperCube OG does not have any caffeine. It is meant to be added to your coffee or caffeinated beverage. Our SuperCube Chai does have caffeine and can be enjoyed on it’s own. It has about 30% of the caffeine of coffee. SuperCube Matcha (to launch early 2024) is our vegan option and would also include caffeine. With about 30% the caffeine of coffee as well.



Like any supplement you would need to check in with your primary care physician to determine what would work best for you. The ingredients in SuperCube are not contraindicated during pregnancy though, accodrding to TCM.