Greetings! Thank you for being part of the journey of bringing SuperCube to life!  I am extremely grateful for your time and energy during this start up process.  

A little background on SuperCube...I have been a practitioner of acupuncture and an herbalist for about 15 years.  And It’s the best! As of late, I have also been looking for ways to help a broader audience than 1-3 patients at a time.  

So, here is how SuperCube came about...I have been sans coffee for over 20 years.  Yeah, I know..crazy!  But, I suffered from pretty nasty migraines that make it an easy choice to lay off the bean. For about the last 10 years, I’ve been playing around with different teas, herbs and superfood additives in my morning beverage to gain a nutritious and energetic benefit.  Some were simply fantastic and others were just gross. I’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work in what I called my “morning elixir”  I focused on increasing my energy, AND decreasing the feeling of being stressed, balancing my hormones, building my immunity, regulating my blood sugar etc.  

Parallel to that I noticed an uptick in the trend of my patients, friends and family having a really hard time regulating their stress response.  Reducing coffee was always a part of the solution as it is stimulating for the endocrine system, is dehydrating, interrupts the normal blood sugar mechanisms we have in our bodies and to be fair, drinking coffee doesn’t make most people feel less stressed.  It usually creates slightly jittery and chaotic energy that makes it easy to react to stressful situations in a way that isn’t always productive.  

As an acupuncturist, I noticed that when patients get acupuncture, it is always very helpful for inducing the rest and relaxation state and also having a sense of feeling energized.  A state we have coined 'Aculand' since the opening of our clinic.  My patients want to keep this amazing feeling after treatment and one way was to come in more frequently and avoid any stress.  Haha,  well that is sort of impossible in our world.. So at home herbal therapy was extra helpful for maintaining what we called AcuLand.  With my morning elixir being so helpful for me, I started having my patients add in certain powders and herbs to their morning ritual to help maintain AcuLand.   

With that in mind, I started to focus more on what I could add in to my morning beverages that would make patients still be able to drink coffee or less coffee and have the benefits from it with out all the stress it can put on the body. I used my Chinese Herbal Medicine and theory knowledge, my Functional Nutrition Training and my trusty palate to start experimenting.  

I played around with many herbs, mushrooms, fats, proteins and such and realized that there was a formula to this madness! Annnnddddd….. SuperCube was born!  

Lara Dilkes, L.A.c., MSAOM, FNLP - FOUNDER