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BombBalm was originally formulated nearly a decade ago as a synergistic blend of five organic, freshly extracted herbs, plus liquid magnesium and locally grown organic CBD.  BombBalm was crafted specifically to quickly relieve pain and to help with musculoskeletal aches.

With a custom formulation of long-lasting CBD, Moxa, and Magnesium to reduce pain immediately. Backed by three herbs for long-term healing of muscles, tendons, and facia and even down to the bone.

BombBalm has a salve like consistency with an even temperature feel and a bright plant earthy smell from the essential oils of clary sage, frankincense, and orange.

Over the years patients have reported it helping with strains, sprains, muscle tension, headaches, mild rashes, and my kids love for me to rub it on their feet before bed to sleep very soundly through the night, and so do I! 

Purchase BombBalm and it will be delivered direct to your door.  The supply represents a total of one 4 oz. BombBalm jars, which should average 24 applications of 'Turning Balm Into Bomb Balm'.